Paulo Pombal, from Portugal, contacted me back in the beginning of 2014.
His project at that stage was mostly for promotional material he was building up to gain funding for his game The Great Bunny War,
a top down view game, based on historical wars over the ages. The characters however were not to be human, but animals.
This was straight down my ally, and something I very much wanted to be a part of! He wanted me to create the look and style for the main characters
going forward, as well as some epic historical battle scenes.

I started off with sketching some concept ideas for the Crusader bunny characters, and Russian mice. The main focus was to get the uniforms for these two characters correct and recognizable for their particular time in history. Bunnies to reflect German Teutonic knights and mice the Russian medieval knights. After looking through some reference materials I was able to come up with a matching look for them. I had a lot of fun creating the weapons and gear for each side. Paulo wanted the flags to represent the different historical emblems, but have a unique animal element to them. In later battles and characters we added items like flags, with dog bones, for dog characters,and carrots for some of the other bunny countries. Once the look and style of the characters were settled on, we moved onto the first battle scene, Teutonic Order and the Russian Principality of Novgorod at the time of Alexander Nevsky. The look here was to make it as busy as possible, with bunnies and mice running at each other, with serious intent. The more characters I could squeeze into this scene the better. There was a fine line between too busy and just enough. The scene couldn't become to cluttered with no space to breath. Allowing the viewer to focus on little skirmishes going on between the two sides.

I created the final illustration in Adobe Illustrator, as vector art, so that I could size the images as needed without loosing pixelization. Every element and object was done on a separate layer/group, too be able to position or edit individually as the scenes progressed. I was commissioned to do several other scenes for other battles in history, that Paulo guided me through as to their look. The project is still a work in progress. We are now moving on to the in-game artwork. Character animations of movement around the game play area. I have been working on one of the characters, German bunny soldiers from WWI. 8 directional animations are required for the game, these include walking, shooting and dying for each character. Views were to be top down isometric.